Anne Dorfman

Position: Cycle Instructor

Leading indoor cycling classes gives me an incredible outlet to share my passions for fitness and music. The physical benefits of cycling are obvious, but for me, it’s the self empowerment and stress release that come from pushing myself through that last sprint or that tough climb that really motivate me to get on the bike again and again. As a mom of two teenage girls and two dogs, former practicing lawyer and current animal rescue volunteer, I understand the importance of supporting and motivating others. But I also believe that, now more than ever, it is important to be kind to yourself. My class is a place for you: a place to get fit, a place to let off some steam, and a place to party to great music and have some fun! Training/Certifications: Stages cycling certified, First Aid, CPR/AED certified. Classes Taught: 45/60 minute indoor cycle (all levels); cycle with weights.