how senz
keeps you


We are committed to ensuring the highest quality of health and safety for our students and staff. Our new facility is spacious with open corridors, tall ceilings, natural light, and clean air flow.  We have three separate studios to allow ample offerings and safe student accommodations. Please read below for more details on how we will be working to ensure your safe practice.


Masks are optional at our studio. However, they are required during the breathing exercises at the beginning and the end of the Melt 26 classes.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

All studio surfaces and equipment will be sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant between classes. We will also have wipes available as you enter the studio to clean your bike. After every class, we’ll disinfect doorknobs, handles, rails, light switches, sanitizing stations, lockers, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, benches, locker keys, the front desk, keyboards, computers, phones, and instructor equipment.

Hand Sanitizer

We have hands-free sanitizing stations in the lobby and hand sanitizer spray bottles in each of the studios.

Class Schedule & Booking

If you are new to Senz, you may purchase a New Student Offer online or at the studio. When you arrive, a team member will check you in at the front desk. We will be cashless and credit cards may be uploaded to your account online or through the Senz App.

Class Entry Protocol

To practice safe distancing, there will be no late entry to classes. Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class time to avoid congregating and allow staff to disinfect the studio.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the limited number of bikes and mats available, the cancellation policy will be enforced. Please see our cancellation policy guidelines in Terms and Conditions.

Temperature Checks

Staff will be required to receive temperature checks at the beginning of their shift. We will follow our elevated temperature protocol as needed when checking students as well.

Lockers, Shower & Bathrooms

Our showers are open. You may use designated lockers to store your belongings, but we encourage you to bring only necessities and leave valuables at home. Cellphones are strictly prohibited in the studio rooms during classes.


The water fountains will be closed. We ask that you please bring your own water. If you have the Senz App, you may ‘Add-on’ a water bottle for purchase when you book the class. A team member will give you your water upon arrival.

Mats & Props

Mats, blankets, neck pillows, blocks, and straps are available for purchase or you may bring your own. These items are used in Water Flow, Yoga Roots, and Senzory Meditation Classes.


Please disinfect your weights, bikes, and equipment and wipe down any areas your weights have been placed after use.


After every class, every bike in the studio will be thoroughly disinfected—even if not in use. We ask that you wipe down your bike after use including handlebars, seat, resistance knob, and emergency brake.

Senz Gear

Merchandise will be available for purchase. Clothing will not be permitted to be tried on. We will be unable to accept returns or exchanges of clothing due high contact.


A towel is required for hot yoga and cycling. We encourage you to bring your own or if you are member, a towel is included in your membership.

Air Filter

Our studios are equipped with a HEPA filters to remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns.

The Senz Community Wellness Code

  • If you’re sick, PLEASE STAY HOME. If you are experiencing or have experienced any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days, we ask that you do not come to the studio:

o    FeverShortness of breath, Coughing, Sneezing, Loss of Smell/Taste, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, are awaiting test results, or have been knowingly exposed / come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please do not come to the studio for 14 days or until you have tested negative for COVID-19.