flow it.


Find your flow in our soothing water classes. Perfect if you are new to yoga or reintegrating it into your routine. Learn the foundational components of yoga movement, or move seamlessly in Vinyasa flow. And, if you’d rather be still and turn off your mind, enjoy our blissful guided meditation crystal bowl sound bath.

Non-Heated/ All Levels

Free your mind. Full sensory engagement awaits you in our multi-sensory meditation class. Experience guided meditation with relaxing scents and crystal bowl sound baths.  If you are looking for a stress detox and mental reboot, this is the clarity pit stop for you.

Non-Heated/ Introductory Level

Set your roots. This workshop style class is perfect if you are new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or want to deepen your understanding of postures, principles, and breathwork. Movements are primarily floor based using blocks and straps to create a foundation for proper alignment and strength.

Non-Heated/ All Levels

Flow like water. Enjoy our soothing Vinyasa class sequences that move like water by slowly connecting movement to breath. With reduced heat and therapeutic in nature, you will feel relaxed and refreshed. Poses are held for longer periods, but don’t let the pace deceive you, it is still a challenging flow.

Non-Heated/All Levels

Slow paced, stress relieving yoga. Long holds using props allow your body to relax and heal.


We are an all inclusive studio with a dozen class styles to choose from and new ones always in the works. Our friendly staff will make sure you feel at home and welcome the moment you step in.

Located in Rockville, MD, the senz studio was inspired by the classical elements of rth, aer, fyr, and wtr, and designed with a natural, biophilic environment to keep your body and your mind balanced.

you seek

senz’s live, immersive fitness experiences are a new concept, so it’s only natural to have questions. We do our best to answer them here.