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Fitness for your body and soul

Health &

We all know that diet and nutrition have a huge impact upon our overall fitness. But we are all unique individuals with different needs and body types. There is no “one size fits all” solution for healthy living.

senz offers private, one-on-one instruction with a certified professional coach. Not only will your coach work closely with you in helping to forge a smart, sustainable lifestyle to support your personal fitness goals, but they will also keep you inspired and focused as you work to achieve them. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Envizion Workshops

Wellness isn’t just a physical state. It’s also spiritual. Our Envizion workshops are unique group learning sessions that function like workouts for your soul. Learn to balance your thoughts, attitudes, and emotions through workshops and activities designed to promote inner peace and connect you to your passion and purpose. Stay tuned for Envision workshops to be announced on our schedule of classes.

Salt &
Infrared Heat

Our heated Fire Studio boasts a 100 square foot Himalayan Sea Salt Wall installation with powerful healing properties. Sea shores have long been prized for the fresh, salt air that was attributed with curative properties long before it was verified by science.

Today, of course, we have studies that show the numerous health benefits of Himalayan salt as an inhalation therapy. The Himalayan crystals are believed to create negative ions that combat free radicals to help reduce stress, improve respiration, improve mood and promote better sleep.

Our Infrared Heaters, like the Salt Wall, have numerous health benefits and produce heat similar to that of the sun. They are eco-friendly and have been shown to reduce muscle and joint pain, increase circulation, promote detoxification, and decrease joint stiffness.