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Healing for your body and soul


We all know that diet and nutrition have a huge impact upon our overall fitness. But we are all unique individuals with different needs and body types. There is no “one size fits all” solution for healthy living.

Senz offers private, one-on-one instruction with a certified professional coach. Not only will your coach work closely with you in helping to forge a smart, sustainable lifestyle to support your personal fitness goals, but they will also keep you inspired and focused as you work to achieve them. Contact us to schedule your appointment.


Discover the healing power of acupuncture at Senz — a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern wellness. Each session is a custom experience, meticulously tailored to address your unique health concerns, from chronic stress and pain to improved energy flow and relaxation. Our serene treatment rooms serve as the perfect backdrop for your body’s renewal, allowing for a restful escape from the day’s stresses.

Whether you’re seeking relief, prevention, or simply a deeper connection with your body, our practitioners are dedicated to nurturing your health in every needle placement.

Engage your body’s own wisdom. Heal, harmonize, and thrive with acupuncture at Senz. Contact us for an appointment.


Reiki at Senz is an oasis of peace, where gentle hands channel universal life force energy to align and cleanse your energy centers, promoting a state of deep relaxation and healing. Our practitioners are attuned to the needs of your unique energetic blueprint, providing a compassionate and intuitive touch that supports your journey to wellness.

As you lie back and unwind in the serenity of our dedicated Reiki space, you may find physical ailments easing, emotional burdens lifting, and a renewed sense of clarity emerging. The practice of Reiki at Senz is more than a session—it’s a transformative experience that empowers your innate ability to heal and harmonize from within.

Join us and let the compassionate energy of Reiki at Senz guide you to a place of calm, clarity, and revitalization. Contact us for an appointment.