Burn it.


The heat is on in our hot room. Far infrared heaters gently heat your body like the sun as our Himalayan Salt Wall relaxes your mind, and cleanses your respiratory system.  Get ready to let go, sweat your worries away, and find your state of bliss. Please come hydrated, bring a large bottle of water, and a towel.

Moderate Heat/ 85-90° All Levels

Yin meets Yang. Find the perfect balance of strength and grace as two forms of movement become one. You will down dog, crunch, squat, and curl your way through this sequence using dumbbells, and body weight exercises. With uplifting and inspiring tunes, you will feel invigorated and at peace.

Heated/ 90° All Levels

Turn up the heat. Get your full sweat on as you fire up your abs, glutes, and gams in our heated Pilates class.
Move through core engaging isometric movements and interval training exercises to strength, tone, and stoke your metabolic furnace.

Heated/ 90-95° Intermediate

Yoga for the soul. Feel the rhythm of the beat in our heated signature class that blends classical Vinyasa Flow and primal grounding movement. Sweat, flow, feel, and move in unison with jungle sounds, tribal beats, and deep house. You will lose yourself in the music, the movement, and the moment.

High Heat/95-98° All Levels

Be transformed. Feel the heat in this Hatha yoga and traditional hot yoga inspired class. Engage your mind and body, connect to breath and ignite your inner warrior determination. Get ready for a head-to-toe mind clearing detox. Your sweaty bliss awaits.

High Heat/95-98° All Levels

This Heated Class focuses on Breathwork, Mantras, and Iyengar Yoga postures that are held for longer periods of time to focus on alignment and deepening your practice.


We are an all-inclusive studio with a dozen class styles to choose from and new ones always in the works. Our friendly staff will make sure you feel at home and welcome the moment you step in.

Located in Rockville, MD, the senz studio was inspired by the classical elements of rth, aer, fyr, and wtr, and designed with a natural, biophilic environment to keep your body and your mind balanced.

you seek

senz’s live, immersive fitness experiences are a new concept, so it’s only natural to have questions. We do our best to answer them here.