your element.

Fitness studios inspired by nature


\ ˌbī-ō-ˈfi-lik dəˈzīn\ 

An innovative design concept that seeks to improve a person’s sense of well-being and connectedness by incorporating natural materials and elements into living spaces. Our studios integrate biophilic design throughout, with each space inspired by a classical element.


For optimal fitness results, nothing beats one-one-on training. Senz offers discrete and focused custom classes for individuals who prefer working directly with an experienced instructor. Contact Us for more information.


Couples, families, teammates, or other small groups can achieve more personally-focused goals together under the careful guidance of our experienced professional instructors.  Contact Us for more information.

new students

We have a lot of amazing classes and services to offer new students and want to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease when you arrive. All of the details you need for your first visit can be found here.