move it.


Our light and open air studio has plenty of natural light and space for you to move and glide through our signature fuzion barre and barre sculpt classes. Or, get your groove on as you level up doing high intensity interval training choreographed to music. Whatever your choice, get ready to take flight.

Non-Heated/ All Levels

Train like a dancer. This innovative Dance Barre class is a fusion of dance conditioning ballet barre techniques and movements inspired by modern and contemporary jazz styles. Find presence and get grounded as your body glides through space in our beautiful Air Studio. Just dance!

Non-Heated/ All Levels

Chisel, lengthen, and tone. Our signature Barre Sculpt class will shape and tone your body using bands and light weights. Short bursts of cardio are infused throughout to keep your muscles warm and your metabolism stoked. You will leave feeling strong and empowered.

Non-Heated/ All Levels

Strength meets grace in our Ballet Barre and Pilates infused class blend. Sculpt your core and firm your glutes with engaging isometric movements and muscle stimulating exercises to create the ideal mixture of balance, tone, and alignment. Resistance bands are recommended.

Short and sweat! 5 minute warm up and 20 minute workout. Go all in for this invigorating upper body circuit using dumbbells, sandbags, and bodyweight exercises. You will jump, lift, push, and move through this functional workout.


We are an all-inclusive studio with a dozen class styles to choose from and new ones always in the works. Our friendly staff will make sure you feel at home and welcome the moment you step in.

Located in Rockville, MD, the senz studio was inspired by the classical elements of rth, aer, fyr, and wtr, and designed with a natural, biophilic environment to keep your body and your mind balanced.

you seek

senz’s live, immersive fitness experiences are a new concept, so it’s only natural to have questions. We do our best to answer them here.